Finding a Job! A never ending process. Starts when we’re on bicycles! Some get to retire but it never ends for others.

First step is simply get a job. Volunteer if you have to but get to work and be ‘all in.’ Show up on time, work hard, learn new skills, and fully participate. If you want a job in #Healthcare then volunteer where you can be hands-on with the clientele. Your goal is great references!

Second step is to get a better job. Observe, ask questions and be engaged mentally. If you want to learn to run a department or a business then get the front desk receptionist to be your mentor. They’re masters in multi-tasking.

Always monitor you chosen profession. Watch. Read. Attend seminars. Look at job postings on career websites. What’s in demand? What salaries are being offered? Hot jobs have relocation assistance. Licensed jobs like #RNs, Imaging, Lab positions offer certifications which increase your salary.

It’s your choice: sit in a job; or take responsibility for your career.

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