Need help matching healthcare terms with careers?


#Healthcare is the best career path you can choose! Demand is increasing as our population ages. Supply is decreasing as our medical providers are retiring. And, unlike most high demand jobs, you can’t automate away the health care professional and bypass the 1:1 relationship for examinations and communication.

The #Affordable Care Act (ACA) is changing everything: Mega-merger consolidations; physician employees with non-compete agreements; telemedicine; and psych, dental and vision coverage. Pre-ACA career decisions may not look very good right now, such as choosing the physician route vs. a mid-level practitioner. But healthcare is still the best career path – worldwide!

So what are you looking for? Not everyone is cut out to be a NICU, ICU or Emergency Room #RN; these are a special breed. Back office billing, accounting and IT positions have their own specializations. #ARNP Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants (PA) can diagnose and prescribe without the years of study (and school debt) of a #Physician. The options are endless, so …

START HERE: Our Evaluate Careers pages map 2,800 medical terms to their job categories. Click on a job category and you’ll see the specific positions found in hospitals, clinics and surgical centers.

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