How do you choose between so many #Healthcare school programs? Ideally you can ask a #Recruiter. They know which programs have produced good and great hires, and others where they won’t consider the candidate. But most Recruiters are overworked and can’t be a career center for aspiring #RN or Imaging students. However, students with the initiative to find and attend healthcare professional association meetings will be rewarded with quality answers to their questions.

Another option is to ask the school where the students go for their clinical rotations. Good hospitals won’t be interested in rotations for programs producing consistently poor quality students. Conversely, great programs will have great relationships with healthcare organizations.

Regardless of the school you attend, you still need to excel. A rural college or Ivy League university doesn’t mean anything if you don’t apply yourself. So whether or not your circumstances dictate where you go (your parent’s alma mater, or the only school in your commuting distance and price range) you should still volunteer at a community health clinic and learn everything you can.

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