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Here’s the Fastest Way to Improve Your Job Postings

Basic Legibility: the Best Payback for Improving Your Job Postings

Everybody’s in a hurry. You’re already working overtime. Some Hospitals have to funnel volunteers to HR to help with filing. So how do you #Advertise hard to fill Jobs? Someone cuts and pastes some job description text into a #Healthcare job board and announces this important hard to fill opening is posted!

Hard to Read Job Posting

Quite often each field (job description, requirements, etc.) is displayed as one big block of text: no paragraphs; often missing punctuation; and definitely hard to read. Did anyone notice? Only takes a second to click on the ad. Maybe they don’t think it’s a problem. Maybe they don’t know easy it is to fix.



Breaking up a block of text is faster than getting a cup of coffee.
a line break takes 4 keystrokes: <br>
a blank line takes 8 keystrokes: <br> <br> (or less if you’re in PASTE mode)

No formatting example Run-on sentences Lost in the translation
No formatting example<br>Run-on sentences<br><br>Lost in the translation
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Run-on sentences

Lost in the translation

Improve Your Advertisement

Faster than getting that coffee!

But the second problem is harder to solve. We’ve been told, ‘We do that on our website.’ Someone needs to ask why they won’t make this advertisement legible, when its sole purpose is to compel an experienced #Physical Therapist (for example) to visit your website.

Ours is a ‘hurry up I want it now’ culture. Especially on the web. People expect to see the answer without a lot of reading. Take the extra seconds so the ad is legible. After all, that is why you’re displaying it.


Busting a myth about your Advertising metrics

What are your advertising metrics really telling you?

As a Healthcare #eRecruiting website we expect you to measure our effectiveness. It’s our job to make sure active and passive job seekers see your opening. But we can’t make them respond and click the “Apply Now” link.


Time and again a #RN Job ad simply states the generic duties of a #RN and, more often than you might think, it doesn’t include anything about the unit. Not the best way to win over the serious job seeker.



ExcitingJob (282x400)

Your Hospital needs an experienced RN. Your focus should be on why they should choose you! Add your logo, a picture of your facility, video, and any other marketing distinctives (“sizzle”) that you can think of. What reasons do you use to convince a RN to accept your offer over your competitor’s? That’s what you need in your advertisement.

A thousand job views on our website says people are looking. The number of conversions to your website measures the effectiveness of your presentation.

The checkout line magazine rack is a good analogy. The RN clicks to view your job. Does it get their attention, like a good magazine cover, and compel them to look inside (to go to your website)?

Stop posting your #PT Jobs. Start advertising your #23Physical Therapist opportunities.