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RNs hitting 0% unemployment!

#RN’s are, arguably, already at 0% unemployment. Good for them! Bad for the rest of us.


That nurse shortage in 2007? It’s back and it’s worse! Hospitals across the country have orders-of-magnitude more jobs being advertised on their websites than they did 2 years ago. And #Registered Nurses are in the thick of it.

Readmissions will destroy the thin margins at hospitals and RNs are the backbone on the floor. ADN’s provide short-term help while they complete their BSN. LPN’s and MA’s aren’t the answer.

We all know why: Boomers are retiring faster than RNs are graduating. And the buck stops at the state legislature. They have to increase the number of instructors (aka pay them more than they’re getting on the floor) and they’re loathe to increase spending until it’s too late.

It doesn’t look pretty to this Boomer. It looks ugly if you’re Gen X or a Millennial. Is there anything we can do besides writing letters?


Add Color to Your Job Postings

Use Your Logo’s Colors

Use Your Logo's Colors

Your logo’s colors are special! The Marketing department spent a LOT of money deciding on them (even when it doesn’t look like it). So include your logo in your #advertisements and use the logo’s colors in the text.

Adding color is easiest when the marketing team can tell you what the actual colors are. The 3 most common formats are: ‘RGB’ (Red, Green and Blue); ‘CMYK’ (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) and ‘HEX’ (6 digits for Red, Green and Blue: rrggbb).

There are many tools on the web to help you navigate between the 3 color formats, such as: Rapid Table’s Color Code Converter.

To pick the colors yourself search the web for HTML Colors. Rapid Table’s Web Color Codes has 139 web colors with both their English names and hex colors.

Once you have your colors you can easily insert the html into your #RN job ad.

Adding COLOR with simple html tags
Adding <span style=”color: fuchsia;”>Color with simple</span> HTML tags
Adding Color with simple HTML tags

Is it worth it? You bet! You only have one chance to make a first impression on the prospective #Physical Therapist. Why not do it right?