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Mental Health: The Next ‘Inconvenient Truth’


Could be a friend, relative, or another shooting. Might be hereditary, or from disease, substance abuse, head trauma, PTSD, or some other cause. Regardless of the who and the why, mental health care can no longer be pushed aside. [It reminds me of the debates around the impact of second hand smoke and dental health.]

The financial impact is huge, requiring both new facilities and staffing, so the need to legislate mental health treatment is not a surprise. The #Affordable Care Act was instrumental in legislating insurance coverage. State laws are inconsistent, but most have three forms of court-ordered treatment: (CLICK HERE for state specific info):

    1. Emergency hospitalization for evaluation (aka “psychiatric hold” or “pick-up”)
    2. Civil commitment – inpatient
    3. Civil commitment – outpatient

#Healthcare employment is already stretched thin from decreasing supply (retiring professionals) and increasing demand (aging population). Adding Mental Health positions will exacerbate the problem as employers seek #Registered Nurses, psychologists and clinicians specializing in psychiatric, mental health, behavioral health, chemical dependency, and addiction, as well as counselors, social workers, chaplains and parish nurses. Proving once again that healthcare is #1 for people seeking a long term career with growth opportunities and variety.

To learn more, check out these national professional associations (and Washington State chapters):

To see current job openings in Washington state: