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An Actual, Proven Solution That’s Increasing Our Workforce

Welcome Back Center

Highline Community College is an outstanding example of someone doing something! This community college launched the Puget Sound Welcome Back Center, investing time and money to solve a problem, for Washington state, that’s bigger than itself.

Highline realized foreign healthcare professionals, including #Physicians, dentists and nurses (RNs and LPNs), are working entry level jobs (cabbie, retail, etc). These professionals are under employed; their families are struggling; and our healthcare system is understaffed. The Welcome Back Center gets them back in the game! They’re currently finishing their third cohort for #Registered Nurses!

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. ~Edward Everett Hale

Puget Sound Welcome Back Center, a member of the national Welcome Back Initiative, offers counseling and educational programs to internationally trained health professionals currently residing in Washington state so that they may re-enter their profession in the U.S. This includes assistance in orientation, navigating the licensing process and support to work in the U.S. health care system for linguistically and culturally competent healthcare professionals.

Need a Nurse? Know an under employed foreign healthcare professional? Contact: Puget Sound Welcome Back Center

Replace ObamaCare With BernieCare?


Bernie Sanders makes a strong case that healthcare should be a right.

Eliminating health insurance companies sounds good to me. The expense for our Obamacare ‘affordable healthcare’ insurance plan for my small company with older employees was very high, and that was WITH a $7,000 per year per person deductible – aka, a ‘catastrophic’ plan. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it.

We all know people who are working for their insurance. Or looking for a job that provides insurance. Imagine the freedom to choose a cup-filling job, or simply leave a lousy employer, rather than staying based on your insurance.

So what would that mean to our hospitals and clinics? Many (most?) are already using Medicare rates as the plumb line for managing their expenses. Many private providers refuse to process insurance forms, offering discounted fees in their place. Can you imagine the impact eliminating insurance processing?! That alone could make #BernieCare a net gain for hospitals.   

As for all the laid-off employees? Let’s offer training for a career in healthcare! I hear it’s a growing field with a decreasing supply and increasing demand.   

What do you think? If Obamacare is the Galactic Empire, is BernieCare the Resistance, or the First Order?


2016 and Healthcare


Got my first IT job in 1972. My future father-in-law said, There’s no money to be made in computers, you need to find yourself a new boy.

Nobody would have guessed that healthcare would end up being the hottest industry since IT. Why would you want to be anywhere else? Whether patient care or back office support (coordinators, accounting, IT) healthcare is the industry for the foreseeable future. And I got to be a part of both! What a ride!


Nearly 1 Million LPNs / LVNs Working In The U.S.

RN shortage

LPN / LVN ads are still on the rise. Another ‘inconvenient truth.’ [Step 1 is always denial.] Did you know there are nearly 1 million Practical Nurses working in the U.S.? 

Many hospitals are still requiring a BSN. An increasing number see the advantage of hiring an ADN and helping (or requiring) them to acquire their BSN. Few will concede that hiring LPNs for the hospital floor will be a reality. Even though there are LPN to RN degree programs.

Experienced #RNs are at 0% unemployment. Look at the number of hospital ads for experienced RNs and it’s obvious that every reasonably good RN can work in any city that they wish. They’ve caught up with the #Physical Therapists, who have been there since the DPT requirement.  

Not all hospitals will drop their BSN requirement. But we can’t deny the effect of our aging population (increasing demand from a decreasing number of providers). LPNs working under RNs will parallel NPs and PAs working under Physicians.

It’s always easier to plan for the future after you accept that it’ll be different from the present.

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