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4 Easy Recruiting Ideas for Healthcare Positions

To ensure access to care, healthcare organizations must recruit and retain trained providers. Here are some strategies to recruit qualified providers to organizations regardless of size.

Posting On the Organizational Website
Posting on individual organizational websites announces the opening to those who are already aware of your organization.  Before posting, it’s important to consider the amount of traffic that the website gets.  Larger websites with a higher number of visitors will have more success with this strategy. Since this approach has a targeted audience (people aware of the organization) smaller websites can also be successful.
Employee Referrals
Employees are excellent resources. When a position first becomes available, share this information with current employees. Many may already know qualified candidates.  When a current employee recommends someone, it usually means that they believe this person would be a good fit for both the role and the team.  Some offices even have official employee referral programs that reward current employees who refer candidates.
Specialized Job Boards
Specialized healthcare job boards like, are great resources for candidates and employers. Applicants use specialized job boards as an easy way to identify qualified openings.
When employers post on these sites, they end up with more qualified applicants.  Although many sites have larger audiences, employers may receive more applications from unqualified applicants.
Physician Recruiters
There are two types of physician recruiting firms, retained and contingency.  One main difference between the two is the fee structure. Retained firms typically charge a retainer, and get a bonus when a position has been filled.  Contingency firms typically do not charge a retainer, and instead charge their fees after a position has been filled.
Although exact costs vary, most physician recruiting firms charge around $20,000 to fill a role.  Many offices do not use recruiters because of these high costs.
Healthcare organizations use a variety of recruitment strategies.  Posts on the careers/employment section of the website inform applicants who are already aware of the organization. Employee referrals allow current staff members to recommend others who could be good fits in the role, and the organization. Specialized job boards offer a simple way to capture more qualified candidates.  Physician recruiting firms offer specialized recruiting tactics for a fee.  All of these tactics are useful for different sizes and types of healthcare organizations.

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