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Dental Hygienist

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Employer Name:   Tulalip Tribes
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Last Updated On:   4/18/2017
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Dental Hygienist
Job Category:   Clinical:Dental Hygienist/Assistant/Lab
Location:   Tulalip
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Job Title: Dental Hygienist

Tribal Department: Dental Clinic

Employee Classification: Non-Exempt

Background Tier Classification: Tier I

Safety Sensitive Classification: No

Compensation: $61,297 - $73,195

Job Summary: Completes preliminary dental examinations on new dental service patients as well as recall examinations on existing patients of record. The hygienist reviews patient’s medical and dental history for evidences of past and present conditions. Such as medical illnesses and use of drugs which may complicate or alter dental hygiene treatment. The hygienist will examine the teeth and surrounding tissues for evidences of plaque and periodontal disease and charts findings; inspects the mouth and throat for evidence of disease such as oral cancer; interprets routine X-rays to identify tooth structures, calculus, and abnormalities such as cavities and deep periodontal pockets. Prepares dental hygiene treatment plans for patient including assessment of the problem, type of oral hygiene care required, and the sequence of appointments needed to complete treatment.


  • Degree of graduation from a dental hygiene program accredited through the American Dental Association (ADA) Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).
  • Must provide proof of a valid dental hygiene license, that is verified by the state board and be currently in practice (within the past year).


  • Must have five (5) years’ experience working as a registered dental hygienist required.
  • Must have experience with Dentrix or like EDR software required.
  • Experience working with digital radiographs required.
  • Experience maintaining confidentiality required.


  • Must have a current CPR/BBP certification
  • The Tulalip Tribes requires different levels of pre-employment background screening for all positions. Employment is contingent upon successful passing of these background checks.
  • No alcohol or drug related criminal conviction within six (6) months.
  • No Suspension, Last Chance Agreement (LCA), Dismissal or Demotion within six (6) months.

Job Requirements:

  • Must keep dental hygiene license current with all required continuing educations credits
  • Knowledge of oral anatomy, oral physiology and histology, the principals and techniques of preventive dentistry, and the dental instruments and material to perform a variety of specialized prophylactic and preventive dental hygiene procedures including root-planing and curettage.
  • Knowledge of oral pathology and periodontology sufficient to recognized a variety of abnormal conditions such as acute gingivitis, periodontists, and deep periodontal pockets, and provide the necessary prophylactic and therapeutic dental hygiene treatment.
  • Knowledge of systemic diseases such as diabetes sufficient to recognize their manifestations, understand the disease processes, determine proper course of dental hygiene treatment, and to provide the specialized oral care and follow-up instructions.
  • Knowledge of medical diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease as they relate to the care and treatment of the teeth in order to perform bedside prophylaxis.
  • Skill in performing specialized prophylactic and preventive dental hygiene procedures.
  • The hygienist is regularly exposed to communicable diseases and frequently wears surgical masks, gloves, and eyeglasses while performing clinical work.
  • Hygienist uses a lead shield for protection against radiation.
  • Must adhere to strict confidentiality of all departmental information seen and heard at all times.
  • Must have tolerance and patients to deal with upset, angry and/or frustrated patient and/or vendors.
  • Must be willing to attend progressive related trainings as deemed necessary.
  • Must adhere and abide by HIPPA regulations
  • Must wear required department issued uniforms and adhere with departmental Dress Code Policy.
  • Must be able to work in a culturally diverse environment.

Physical Ability:

  • Manual and finger dexterity for the operation of a personal computer and routine paperwork.
  • Work requires long periods of sitting, recurring bending, reaching, and reaching during clinical procedures.
  • Above-average dexterity is also required in presenting demonstrations of oral hygiene techniques and in manipulating instruments.
  • Strength to lift objects weighing up to 25lbs. occasionally.

This Employee Reports to: Dental Clinic Manager

Employee Supervises: None

Extent of Job Authority: None

Specific Duties Performed:

  • Sets up and maintains a patient recall system to insure continuous, close follow-up treatment for each patient involved in the dental program. Provides instructions using demonstrations and audiovisual aids in the use and care of dental prosthesis, nutritional guidance, and need for daily hygiene care to prevent further dental disease and infections.
  • Educating and motivating patients to practice effective oral health care techniques; for planning and providing dental hygiene treatment; presenting demonstrating in oral hygiene; for explaining the effects that medical disease and their treatment have on the oral cavity.
  • Examine the mouth and identify mouth sores, dryness, and tenderness that may require special rinses, and for any signs of cavities developing that may require treatment. Regular follow-up treatment and home care instructions are also necessary.
  • Performs a complete oral prophylaxis on ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients. Performs deep sub-gingival scaling, root planning, and curettage under local anesthesia. Polishes the teeth and applies stannous fluoride for hypersensitivity and caries prevention. Gives home care instructions to patients after curettage.
  • Instructs patients at chairside in oral hygiene, brushing and flossing techniques, and periodontal aids, which increase the amount of stimulation to the teeth. Plans and adapts instructions in home care techniques, tailoring them to the oral hygiene needs and oral problems of individual patients. Explains to patients the causes of periodontal disease and tooth decay, and the importance of diet as it relates to oral and systemic health.
  • Exposes, develops, and processes radiographs on patients including bitewing, periapical, and panoramic X-rays. Adjusts voltage, amperage, and timing of X-ray equipment. Selects type of radiograph that will be necessary for patient’s mouth. Positions film and machine to insure coverage of area to be X-raced. Mounts and labels X-rays.
  • Maintains patient’s record of treatment. Records oral conditions of the teeth and surrounding tissues, progress and therapy notes, appointments, and the number of patients treated and type of treatment administered.
  • Assists the dentist by making repairs and adjustments to the teeth by smoothing rough edges of restorations, removing, overhanging margins of filings, reducing sharp edges of fractured teeth, polishing and finishing amalgam restorations, and inserting temporary fillings in teeth.
  • Upon referral by staff dentists, administers oral prophylactic and dental hygiene treatment to patients presenting a variety of abnormal conditions. Administers local anesthesia under the close supervision of the dentist. Performs additional procedures such as: records medical and dental histories, reviews patients’ dietary habits, administers caries prevention agents, desensitizes surfaces, root planning, places temporary restorations, takes and pours impression for study casts, removes sutures, and instructs the patients in home care therapy and proper diet as it relates to oral health.
  • Perform variety of complex specialized level 3 prophylactic and preventive dental hygiene procedures including root- planing and curettage for dental patients with periodontal pockets over 5mm and furcation involvement that would normally be treated by a periodontist.
  • Treat periodontal abscess and other acute periodontal conditions.
  • Community outreach with oral hygiene prevention and educations with our annual health fairs and collaboration with our Tulalip Early Learning Center.
  • Placement of sealants.
  • Patient education in: existing disease, prevention of disease and treatment needs education.
  • Performs other duties as deemed necessary by the Dental Clinic Manager.

Terms of Employment: This is a regular Full-Time position requiring 40 hours per week or 2080 hours per year.

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